APE removes excess weight from your crankshaft and then balances it to race specs. Lightened crankshafts rev much quicker. The recontoured counterweights have less drag spinning through the oil mist resulting in more power to the wheel. (The crankshaft pictured above has had counterbalance gear removed - optional.) The crankshafts have the oil holes modified to provide more oil to the bearing. Then it is computer balanced for continued operation to 14,000 RPM. Lighten and dynamically race balance customer supplied crankshaft. $295.00 Options include removal of the counterbalancer gear, and crankshaft stroking.

GSXR1000 racers. When you opt for the optional counterbalancer gear removal, we can get your crank as light as the new BMW S1000RRs, one of the secrets to it's brutal acceleration.

For services and pricnig, click here to visit the APE crankshaft dept online.

Include an APE WORK ORDER FORM when sending in a crank to be worked on.


GSXR1000 Billet Stroker Cranks

Billet stroker cranks are race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

SBSC1000-4 4MM stroker crank - $2495.00

SBSC1000-6 6MM stroker crank - $2695.00

APE carries Carrillo stroker rods for use with these cranks. Click here.

GSXR1000 Billet Stroker Crank Kits - $3799

APE offers the ultimate GSXR1000 stroker kit.

Kit includes new Billet stroker crankshaft, and Carrillo stroker rods. Crankshaft is race balanced to less than 1/3 gram.

BSK1000-4 4 MM Billet stroker kit $3799 complete.
Optional rod installation available.

All strokers from APE are race balanced to less than 1/3 gram. APE is the only source for these micro balanced strokers.


GSXR1000 2001-2008

When you remove the crankshaft counterbalancer gear from your GSXR1000 there's no sense in keeping the heavy balancer mechanism in the cases. Remove the balancer mechanism and its bearings and replace everything with this lightweight aluminum dummy shaft. The precise fit blocks oil passages.

PART# CBS1000 - $29.95

Click here to see GSXR connecting rods.


For the older oil-cooled GSXRs

In some stroker applications, the increased stroke can be compensated for by using a spacer plate. The thickness of the stroker plate you need is exactly 1/2 of your crankshaft's incresed stroke. A crank that has been stroked +.160 would use a .080 spacer plate, etc.

APE's aluminum spacer plates for GSXR come in the following sizes:

#CYSPGX020 .020" (THICK) $39.98
#CYSPGX040 .040" $39.98
#CYSPGX063 .063" $39.98
#CYSPGX080 .080" 62.86
#CYSPGX100 .100" 71.76
#CYSPGX125 .125" 71.76
#CYSPGX188 .188" 91.46